It takes courage to go to therapy. Who adores wrestling with problems? But therapy could be a critical turning point for you. In Spanish (I speak Spanish), there’s an expression, vale la pena. It means the pain is worth it.

I enjoy challenges. I’m good at working with those who are anxious or depressed or who have family problems. Some of us are in deep grief, or have unresolved pain from the past. I enjoy putting puzzles together; some couples feel that their spouse is too controlling. Some want to change old patterns of yelling or speaking. Some want help as they adjust to getting older or change in medication.

As an independent family counselor I work well with angry kids and frustrated parents. I have often worked with abusive children, those who self-abuse and those who’ve bullied. Families grow, no matter how bleak the present dilemma. My model includes creativity and compassion. I include music and art in my practice.


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