It takes courage to go to ther­a­py. Who adores wrestling with prob­lems? But ther­a­py could be a crit­i­cal turn­ing point for you. In Span­ish (I speak Span­ish), there’s an expres­sion, vale la pena. It means the pain is worth it.

I enjoy chal­lenges. I’m good at work­ing with those who are anx­ious or depressed or who have fam­i­ly prob­lems. Some of us are in deep grief, or have unre­solved pain from the past. I enjoy putting puz­zles togeth­er; some cou­ples feel that their spouse is too con­trol­ling. Some want to change old pat­terns of yelling or speak­ing. Some want help as they adjust to get­ting old­er or change in medication.

As an inde­pen­dent fam­i­ly coun­selor I work well with angry kids and frus­trat­ed par­ents. I have often worked with abu­sive chil­dren, those who self-abuse and those who’ve bul­lied. Fam­i­lies grow, no mat­ter how bleak the present dilem­ma. My mod­el includes cre­ativ­i­ty and com­pas­sion. I include music and art in my practice.


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