It takes courage to go to therapy. Who adores wrestling with problems? Have you heard the Spanish expres­sion, vale la peña? It means the pain is worth it.

Counseling is a haven where individuals come to my roomy office to change their habits and lifestyles. I partner with you to discover your strengths and clarify your priorities.  I am competent working with people who are anxious or depressed. I work with young adults to adjust to academic demands in a competitive world. How do you find love? How do you balance social needs with an arduous workload?

In therapy, families come to resolve conflicts so they lead the life that they long for. Some couples enter therapy to ensure that they are making the right decision to marry, divorce, or to start a family. Some partners find their spouse is too controlling. Some couples want to kindle their love after a dry spell. I specialize in couples counseling helping with anger, affairs, and sudden changes.

My specialty is the treatment of trauma especially with survivors of violence. Individuals walk in who are in grief or who have unresolved pain. I enjoy challenges and collaboration. In therapy we map out a plan where you find your inner and outer resources.